How to choose bridesmaid dresses?

May 19, 2022

How to choose bridesmaid dresses?

Hello everyone, how are you? Today I bring a topic that we all love: wedding, more precisely, we will discuss how to choose a bridesmaid dress today, when we have to choose bridesmaid dresses, there will be a lot of questions, so today I decided to teach How to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress.

1.Match the bride's wedding dress

A good-looking bridesmaid dress must not be overwhelming, but also make the bridesmaids a beautiful landscape at the wedding!

The style is simpler than the bride's wedding dress;

The color should not be too strong and gorgeous, and the visual effect should not overwhelm the bride. It is recommended to use light colors such as pink and nude colors, which can set off the soft atmosphere of the wedding. In addition, refreshing colors such as light yellow, tranquil blue, and mint green can also be considered, which are more suitable for outdoor weddings, but the key is to be consistent with the main color of the wedding arrangement.

2.Select according to the wedding venue

Also consider the venue, the style and color of the wedding set, and don't rush to pick a dress that's just your favorite.

For indoor weddings, try to choose light colors, and outdoor weddings can be determined according to the style of the wedding setting and the main color.

If the wedding setting is more luxurious indoor wedding, try to choose a dignified and decent long slim dress.

If it is an outdoor wedding, in order to create a romantic, small and fresh atmosphere, you can choose a light and short dress, but pay attention to the length to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by too short, such as being inconvenient when sitting; on the other hand , Excessive sexiness will make guests and elders feel frivolous.

3.The choice of bridesmaid's clothing style and bridesmaid's figure

Petite bridesmaids: It is more suitable for tailoring with a high waistline. The gauze fabric is used to highlight the character, and the waist is textured to modify the body that is too thin and increase the thickness.

Bridesmaids with shapely body: You can choose the design that suits your body. You can choose a dress that suits you according to your face shape. There are no restrictions on the style of bridesmaids with shapely body.

Bridesmaids with a straight body: You can wear a dress with a coat to increase the design of the shoulders, and you can choose ruffles to add layers to the body.

Bridesmaids with a plump figure: If the style is simple, you can choose the A skirt type, and the placement should not be too large.

4.Bridesmaid dress neckline design and bridesmaid face matching

Bridesmaids with round faces: V-neck dresses are more suitable, and the middle of the hair has the effect of lengthening the face.

Bridesmaids with long faces: It is better to wear a round neckline and a straight line, which can soften the lines of the face.

Bridesmaids with square faces: It is better to wear a round neck.

Bridesmaids with inverted triangle faces: It is also more suitable for round neck dresses.

Bridesmaids with oval face: It is the most versatile face shape among all face shapes and necklines. It is suitable for a variety of neck shapes and can be selected according to personal preferences.

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May 19, 2022