At Okdais, we hold a strong commitment to respecting and upholding intellectual property rights. We value creativity, originality, and innovation, and strive to protect the intellectual property associated with our brand and products. Here's how we ensure the safeguarding of intellectual property within our operations:

Original Designs and Creations

· Authenticity: Every gown, dress, or accessory showcased on our website is an original creation crafted by our talented designers.
· Design Protection: We actively register and protect our unique designs and creations to prevent unauthorized replication or distribution.

Copyright and Trademarks

· Copyright Protection: All content on our website, including images, text, graphics, and multimedia elements, is protected by copyright laws. Any use or reproduction without consent is strictly prohibited.
· Trademark Policy: Our brand name, logo, and any associated marks are registered trademarks of okdais. Any unauthorized use or infringement will be addressed with legal action.

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

· Strict Policies: We are dedicated to combating counterfeit products. Our team actively monitors the market to identify and address any unauthorized use or replication of our designs or trademarks.
· Consumer Awareness: We educate our customers on how to distinguish authentic products from counterfeits to protect them from purchasing fraudulent goods.

Respect for Others' Rights

· Third-party Respect: We acknowledge and respect the intellectual property rights of others. We ensure that our practices, including collaborations and partnerships, adhere to all applicable laws and respect the rights of other creators.
Reporting Infringement
· Infringement Reporting: If you believe that our intellectual property rights have been infringed upon or have any concerns regarding infringement, please reach out to us immediately. We take such matters seriously and will address them promptly.

We are dedicated to fostering a creative and respectful environment within the fashion industry. By prioritizing the protection of intellectual property rights, we aim to uphold the integrity of our brand and maintain the trust of our valued customers and partners.